A great loop collection of funky high character wide open modern & vintage drumkits played by top shelf drummers and recorded at crazy levels on various cassette machines.

Big Willy's Lo-Fi Loops are excellent for intros, breaks & mixing in with other drum tracks.

• Loop sets 03A thru 20 were played by Mark Romans, using a vintage ‘70s Ludwig 3-ply Bonham style kit consisting of 26” kick, 14” rack, 16” floor & Black Beauty snare.
• Loop sets 21 thru 25 were played by Mark Romans, using a beat old Tama kit.
• Loop sets DD & ST were played by Steve DiStanislao, using, I believe, a DW kit in a rented rehearsal sweatbox.

Loop sets 03A thru 20 were recorded on an ancient JC Penney mono cassette machine. After the 05 set, the tape or head position in that old box must have gone askew. When I put the mono tape in my Marantz studio deck to transfer to digital, the L & R sounded completely different (in a very nasty cool way!). The mono cassette box used to record loop sets 21 thru 25 yielded similar effects (maybe it’s my studio deck).

Loop sets DD & ST were recorded on a Sony Pro Walkman with the input level turned way beyond up! I was so thrilled by the stereo effect of the previous sets that I did a little Camel Phat treatment on one side of the already overdriven Walkman recording.

The resulting differences between L & R yield some cool spatial effects. Consequently, 4 SEPARATE LOOPS CAN BE DERIVED FROM EACH INDIVIDUAL LOOP! Either by summing the stereo signal to mono, taking the left or right side as its own unique mono file, or keeping the original stereo.